Sex Education is Changing for Good

Sex Education doesn’t have to be awkward, and it doesn’t have to be a useless conversation people feel obligated to offer youth at a certain stage. Positive sex education is a movement geared toward opening up the conversation about the realities of sex, bodies, genders, relationships and more.

Sex Education of Japan: Committed to Community

Sex Positive Education of Japan is committed to leading these conversations in a professional and engaging way that promotes healthy attitudes about sex and accepting humans as they are. All body types, all genders, all humans are invited to be part of the discussion, because every single one of us matters in this.

Check out our site for more information on what we offer, and how we can help you. We are committed to offering classes, workshops, and presentations that can change the way communities approach sex education and the topics surrounding sex and relationships. We also offer private and small-group coaching to help interpersonal relationships thrive with the real-world application of knowledge and information within unique and personal situations.

Let Positive Sex Education Change the World for Good

So much of our conversations surrounding sex are cloaked in shame, mystery, and an overall mystique that borders along the taboo. Even if not deemed inappropriate and off-limits, sex can still be confusing and an embarrassing topic to discuss. As a certified sex educator and coach, Candice makes the conversation a comfortable topic with reality-based information and a lot of acceptance, humor, and compassion.