Areas of Interest

Because sex and related topics are so far-reaching, we feel it is important to engage with a number of audiences in a way that meets people where they are. We educate and coach everyone from children to adults. Our range of outreach is truly what sets our Positive Sex Ed business model apart from the rest and makes us so flexibly useful for a number of communities and individuals looking for guidance and education on topics that are important to community and society health.

We offer guides to child-appropriate conversations about bodily consent, safe touch, and healthy boundaries with self-love and respect at the forefront, and can lead fun, engaging kid-centered workshops that meet young children at their level with considerations for what’s age appropriate and what’s important to talk about to keep our kids safe and healthy.

Our work extends to teens and youth, as well as young adults and newly weds. We excel in creating a safe environment that respects cultural and religious values, and have curriculum that educates positive sex and safe sex information that honors religious values.

And we offer coaching and education for those who view sexuality as a playful experience deeply rooted in curiosity and exploration. We never come from a place of shame when talking about sex, and it is always important to communicate that sex can be so much more than intercourse or even sexual acts. We are happy to connect with those exploring alternative lifestyles and can discuss safety and health as it pertains to kink, BDSM, and a variety of alternative lifestyles that involve sex and intimacy at their core.

LGBTQ and non-binary persons are also welcome and encouraged to reach out for education, coaching, and workshop opportunities. We offer information for dynamics specific to LGBTQ and non-binary folks, and are proud to be a safe space for education and exploration for absolutely every human.

As an open-minded sex education business, we operate from a place of total inclusivity. We meet all our clients with compassion and respect, and believe every individual should have the opportunity to learn about sex in a way that empowers, enriches, and heals.

Talking about sex doesn’t have to be awkward. Image Moonphase Creative