Bodily Consent & Youth

Our positive sex approach toward youth is always centered around safety and bodily consent. Topics are age-appropriate and carefully constructed to avoid shame-based ideology while promoting a respect and appreciation for bodies, bodily autonomy, and honoring our fellow humans.

Rooted in a place of ultimate understanding, Candice is the perfect person for the job because she is the mother of four ranging in ages from early elementary to teenagers. As a mother and a woman, she strives to create a conversation that celebrates sex and makes it a safe, non-shameful topic.



Coaching Disclaimer

Candice is a sex educator and coaches individuals, pairs, and groups on matters of sex and sexuality. While she holds a BA in Behavioral Science, she does not hold any counseling certifications or degrees. This little blurb is meant as a legal disclaimer and polite clarifier! If you have any questions, please contact us here.