Our Services

We offer online trainings, webinars, and community education as well as in-person educational opportunities. Tokyo-based with global reach, Candice is a Canadian born sex educator who has lived in the US, Tokyo, and traveled both hemispheres of the world extensively. This broad cultural connection makes her a fantastic ambassador of sex ed to absolutely any corner of the world.

In a tech-based, increasingly global community, Candice values the approach of utilizing web-based education to connect with her audience and create empowering and engaging workshops and classes that teach sex positive ideas about bodily consent, sex, and intimacy.


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An Inclusive Approach

We provide a safe space with an inclusive approach in all our educational and coaching models. With contemporary, accurate information based on current progressive thinking in positive sex education and sex coaching. Our commitment to inclusivity is foremost, and so we embrace all identities, body types, and beyond. We speak positivity and teach support and acceptance of all hetero- and non-hetero identities, and include the trans community in our curriculum because we believe compassion, education, and commitment to acceptance is hugely important to our mission in creating a world that is empowered and safe in sex.

Coaching Disclaimer

Candice is a sex educator and coaches individuals, pairs, and groups on matters of sex and sexuality. While she holds a BA in Behavioral Science, she does not hold any counseling certifications or degrees. This little blurb is meant as a legal disclaimer and polite clarifier! If you have any questions, please contact us here.