About the Founder

Positive Sex Education and Our Mission to Empower

Meet Candice! She/her, a mom of four with a fierce intensity that can only be described as a fire for social justice, equality, and advocating for education and awareness surrounding topics that are important to all humans. As a sex educator offering group setting and private coaching services, she is on a mission to educate and empower people about sexual health and lifestyle topics.

Candice is an Early Career Professional currently enrolled at the Institute for Sexuality Education and Enlightenment, and holds a BA in Behavioral Science. Her interest in sex education began when she realized much of the information surrounding sex was inaccurate and sometimes harmful. She now makes it her mission to lead workshops and educational seminars, presentations, and more to teach with inclusivity and acceptance at the forefront of her message.

Beyond youth, Candice wants to educate and coach all humans in all walks of life. Her youth-centered courses are well-equipped to offer age-appropriate, engaging and empowering material to help navigate the topics kids most need to know about. Her adult-level classes expand upon foundational knowledge, emphasizing acceptance and an open-minded approach to intimate relationships and sex.

Candice created Positive Sex Education to be all about inclusivity and serving everyone. This is the driving force behind her business model of committing to creating a safe space that honors the human experience and inherent diversity of each individual.

Candice is Canadian-born, currently living in Japan, and on a mission to educate the world about sex. image Devphotography.com


Contact Candice to find out more about workshop opportunities or private/couples coaching, and browse our site to read more about the many groups we work with in helping to educate and empower with Positive Sex Education.