Teenagers can be a tough crowd. Candice knows, because she has a couple teens of her own.

Her relatable sense of sex positive humor can meet the toughest crowd with a chuckle, and she understands how to frame the conversation so a truly useful level of learning can take place.

Talking about sex is important, and we’re here to help the conversation. image Moonphase Creative

Beyond the mechanics of sex, we feel it is important to emphasize communication and normalizing the topics that keep us connected. Teaching teens to value the authentic connections between humans and honor the emotions, bodies, and moving parts of intimate relationships are all pieces of the puzzle that we help explain during presentations and youth workshops. Topics for teens and youth include knowing your own body, respecting and understanding boundaries and communication, and the topic of consent.

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Interactive and easygoing, Candice presents workshops and presentations to teen youth to help them navigate their bodies and the complexities of intimate and sexual relationships. She helps her teen audience learn and understand the value of strong communication, acceptance, and respect as well as the ins and outs of life’s most confusing parts.


Coaching Disclaimer

Candice is a sex educator and coaches individuals, pairs, and groups on matters of sex and sexuality. While she holds a BA in Behavioral Science, she does not hold any counseling certifications or degrees. This little blurb is meant as a legal disclaimer and polite clarifier! If you have any questions, please contact us here.